It’s a tough market out there

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In an increasingly competitive market with new stove products and manufacturers coming on board all the time, how do your stoves stand out from the rest?

How can you grow your market share and differentiate your products compared to your competitors?

What are the concerns of your potential customers as they consider for the first time using a wood burning stove, compared to automatic central heating system?

AutoBlaze can help you stay ahead of the competition

Give your stove business the competitive edge by offering your customers the AutoBlaze solution.

It’s a game-changing device for the automatic ignition of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves without the need for paper, kindling or chemical firelighters. This solution can help overcome some of the concerns your first-time customers may have. It’s also a great solution for customers with challenging installations such as poor draught or cold flue.

Our innovative stove accessory directs a concentrated jet of super-heated air onto full-size logs which, after less than five minutes, ignites regardless of user competency. Again, offering added value to your customers.

Forthcoming EU legislation on particulate emissions* means that many stove manufacturers are searching for technologies that will make their products cleaner, sooner. AutoBlaze is uniquely positioned to supply the solution.

* European Directive 2009/125/EC, due in 2018

Our patent application

To date, there is no fan assisted “hot air” ignition system on the market that has been integrated into a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

Our patent application (international patent application number PCT/GB2015/051541) centres on the use of an integrated fan assisted air heater, to rapidly light the stove.

Our current partners

Three major UK stove manufacturers are currently co-operating with us to apply our product as an option to some of their existing stove range: ESSE, Ekol, and Saltfire.

These companies offer stoves fitted with an AutoBlaze unit through their existing retailer network.

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