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Simply push a button

Imagine the scene. It’s a cold winter’s evening and you’re home after a long day. All you want to do is curl up in front of your log-burning stove, but instead you’re faced with the prospect of crouching in front of it with kindling and firelighters, trying to get it lit. You end up with filthy hands and may even get a face full of smoke.


With an AutoBlaze unit you can avoid all of this. It’s now possible to light your stove at the press of a button.

AutoBlaze (patent pending) is a lighting system discreetly mounted to the back of your stove. It will fully establish your fire within five minutes, before automatically shutting off to allow you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of a natural fire.

Why should I use an AutoBlaze unit?

Quick Lighting

Autoblaze quick

Your fire will typically ignite within three minutes

Solve Draught Issues

autoblaze improved stove performance

Solution for difficult-to-light stove installations, for example poor draught, no draught or even “cold flue”

Easy to Use

autoblaze easy to use

Once the fuel is inside your stove, simply close the door and flick the AutoBlaze switch – there’s even a remote control

No Chemicals

autoblaze no chemicals

No need for paper or smelly chemical lighters

No Kindling

autoblaze lights logs

No need to start with kindling – AutoBlaze can light logs

Clean Hands!

autoblaze clean hands

No need to scrub your hands afterwards

Smoke - Free

autoblaze smoke free

The fire is lit with the stove door shut, so your room will stay smoke-free


autoblaze saves money

The typical cost of a lighting cycle is 1 . 6 pence (depending on the cost of your electricity)

Eco - Friendly

autoblaze eco friendly

AutoBlaze quickly brings the stove up to the optimal temperature for low emission combustion

How do I use it?

  1. Load your fuel into the fire as usual.
  2. Try to ensure one piece of fuel is within 40mm of the hot air outlet located near the front of your stove combustion chamber.
  3. Close the door and open the vents to your stove for normal operation when the stove is lit.
  4. Press the start button on the AutoBlaze unit or remote control.
  5. Leave the stove and make a cup of tea!
  6. The fire should be fully established within five minutes and the unit will automatically switch off.
autoblaze stove lighter

Product features

  • Automatic vent to close air supply after lighting cycle
  • Direction of hot air is backward-facing and therefore safe
  • Powerful 2.1 Kw heater element for rapid lighting
  • Powerful and quiet fan for faster fire growth
  • Short five minute lighting cycle
  • Remote control

How does it work?

To start a fire you need plenty of air (oxygen) and an initial heat source. The AutoBlaze stove lighting system uses a fan to force super-heated air onto the raw fuel inside the stove.

This not only lights the fuel rapidly, it also provides the air it needs to establish the fire very quickly.

autoblaze stove lighter mechanism

After lighting, any traditional stove restricts airflow into the stove using air vents. This controls the rate at which it burns fuel (and therefore heat output).

If the AutoBlaze unit were to allow air into the stove after lighting, it would undermine the stove’s ability to restrict airflow. So after the lighting cycle, a servo motor on the AutoBlaze unit automatically closes a vent, thus allowing the stove to control its own air flow via its standard venting.

Operating sequence

  1. The user initiates the lighting sequence by pressing the start button.
  2. The rear vent opens.
  3. The fan starts.
  4. The heater element starts and hot air is blown onto the fuel. This lights and establishes the fire.
  5. After five minutes, the heater element switches off.
  6. The fan runs on for another 20 seconds before also switching off.
  7. The rear vent automatically closes.

How can I get one?

AutoBlaze units are factory fitted by stove manufacturers. Click below to find out which manufacturers currently offer our product.