autoblaze faqs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about AutoBlaze. If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us

How does it work?

AutoBlaze is a mains-powered high efficiency heating unit, factory-fitted to modern wood stoves. A fire is safely made without the need for kindling by simply loading full-size logs and pressing the ‘start’ button on the side of the control unit or by remote control.

The rear vent opens and the high-efficiency fan draws air over the heating element and delivers air at over 500 degrees to the stove.

A fire will typically ignite within 3 minutes and the automated sequence stops at 5 minutes, closing the rear vent and leaving a fire at optimal heat and emission performance. No user intervention is required.

Is it safe?

Yes it is. The direction of hot air is “backward facing” and the stove door will be closed throughout the lighting operation. There’s also no need to handle matches or fuel.

I have chimney draught problems, can AutoBlaze help with this?

Yes it can. Around a fifth of stove owners have problems with lighting due to ‘cold flue’ and other draught issues. The AutoBlaze unit is the easy solution for this – your stove will light regardless of cold flue issues, and you won’t get a ‘back draught’ of smoke into your room as the stove door is always closed.

What are the environmental benefits?

The AutoBlaze unit can lead to a very significant reduction in CO2 emissions due to the rapid lighting phase and warming up of the stove.

Can I get one fitted to my existing stove?

Unfortunately not. AutoBlaze units are currently factory fitted to new stoves only.

Where can I buy an AutoBlaze unit?

The AutoBlaze unit is currently fitted to selected stoves manufactured by our commercial partners Esse, Ekol and Saltfire. You can find your nearest stockist here. You can also register your interest by entering your email address below, and we’ll let you know about new retailers.

Can AutoBlaze cope with difficult-to-light fuels?

Yes. If you are using a fuel other than wood (for example, anthracite) you can make use of AutoBlaze’s extended lighting cycle. Basically, you press the ignition button half-way through the cycle – roughly 2 or 3 minutes in – and this will extend the lighting cycle to allow harder fuels to ignite effectively.

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